Published by admin on 20 Jan 2017


Today is a new day, unlike any other in history. There has NEVER been a day just like today, and there never will be again, for each new day is unique. YOU are unique, and there has never been, or shall there ever be again, a person just like you. For someone wanting a new beginning, this is a match made in heaven. I hear so many say they wish they could break out of the mistakes of their past and just start over. Wish granted! Now, what are you going to do with it? Continue Reading »

Published by admin on 01 Jan 2016


New Year day is the day we associate with new beginnings, a chance to have a fresh, new start, and hopefully see improvement over last year.  Hopefully, I said, because many are trapped in the same old, same old, and they just don’t see any way it can be any better. But there IS hope for the future, and in spite of all that’s going on in the world, there CAN be something truly “new and improved”, namely YOU! Continue Reading »