Published by admin on 14 Oct 2016


We are living in an age where many people no longer care to have God in their thoughts, because mankind has become so “advanced” in science and technology and medicine, many feel they no longer have need of God.  It is a very sad thing to have that mindset, in that all of God’s love and blessings are available to all, but many choose to turn Him away. But it’s nothing new, the Apostle Paul wrote about it in his own day. Continue Reading »

Published by admin on 26 Jun 2015


How many of you have ever used a compass?  A compass is designed to always tell you which way is north, because one end of the needle is magnetized, and without outside interference from a magnet, it will read correctly.  If you know which way is north, you can plot the direction you wish to go and find your destination.  That is IF you know which way is north.  But suppose the compass is broken?  Then you’re without a clue which way to go. Continue Reading »