God bless America-or God- less America, which do you want?
I wrote this article below TEN YEARS AGO, in September 2004, and look where we are now!  This prophetic word is coming to pass right before our eyes.  The LORD told me to send it out again today as a warning.  People, everything we thought was just “rumor or scare tactics” ten years ago is happening right now.  If Christians do not take this country back for God, it is all over for America.  In fact, it could already be too late to save our way of life, and it depends on what YOU do with this message, what kind of future YOUR children will have.  Think about it and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!  Don’t just assume “someone else” needs to deal with it.  YOU need to deal with it!  We all need to deal with it, that is, unless you want to live under a dictatorship and lose all your freedom and right to worship God.  Choose! Continue Reading »