From: Charlotte Scott
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 3:27 PM
To: Greg Cain; Matt Cain; Tonya Cain
Subject: My miracle – Read when time. It’s long.
My sister asked me about my voice, and I wrote this to her today. Wanted to share it with you as well:
It’s a long story about my voice. The bottom line is I AM HEALED. It’s true. It is a miracle!
I went to a healing service in a friend’s home on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph. I really didn’t feel like going. My voice had been tired and weak for several days, and I was tired all over. In fact, I had gotten up and left the house at 7:30 AM to go to the 8:30 AM Mass in Salisbury, as I do most Saturdays. I stayed afterward for the rosary, and then all I wanted to do was go home, lay down on the couch and go to sleep. But I had told my friend Sandie that I would come to the healing service. Jerry Baysinger, a man who has a healing ministry in the south, was coming there to pray over Sandie’s husband, Jim, who has had a terrible health problem the doctors have not been able to identify and resolve for around two years. He has big sores on his hands, arms, legs, head, and they are very painful. Sandie felt that since the healer was coming, she might as well invite others who needed healing, so she invited me. I went asking for healing of my voice and my feet. But as I said, I really didn’t even want to go. But I hung around Salisbury and killed time, and then  left to go to Sandie’s in Princess Anne for the 2:00 PM prayer service, if that’s what it’s called. When I got to Princess Anne, I noticed a billboard I not seen before. It said: HEAL. THRIVE. LIVE. I felt that was a clear sign for me. When I got to Sandie’s, Jerry was there and about ten other people who needed healing. I told Sandie I was too tired to talk, and she led me to the room where we were going to be meeting. I was so tired, I sat down on a couch, put my elbow on the arm of the couch, and propped my head on my hand to hold my head up. Have you ever been that tired??  Anyway, I was alone in the room at that time, and I looked across at the opposite wall, and there was a picture of the Blessed Mother with Jesus, very much like the one in my bedroom. Also, to my right was a beautiful old statue of the Blessed Mother with Jesus. I had never been in this room in Sandie’s house before (because this room has been under repair and off limits for some time). When I saw the picture and the statue, along with thinking about the billboard, I felt that God wanted me here. I knew that if He wanted me here, then He must want to heal me, and I realized that He did want to.
When the meeting started, Jerry gave his testimony of all the things God has healed him of, including serious cancers and other miraculous healings. He said he has seen tens of thousands of people healed since his ministry started after his own healings. He said it is our faith that heals us. We have to believe we are healed. We have to speak it and rebuke the devil and any symptoms that occur after we are healed. Our healing comes from Jesus. “By His stripes, we are healed.”
I understood everything Jerry was saying. I knew he spoke the truth. And I felt God did want to heal me, so I chose to believe in my healing and receive the healing. Jerry prayed over each of us as if he knew what we were struggling with, but he didn’t. The only one he knew about was Jim. He prayed a different prayer for each of us. Most of us cried. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. When he was done, the first thing I noticed was that the tiredness left me completely. I went home believing God had done something miraculous. The next day was Sunday, and as I was going to Mass, I started wondering if I should sing along with the choir. I had not been singing for almost two years because I found that singing one song would set me back for about a month. The doctor had said singing is complicated for the voice, and I should work on getting my voice well first, which never really happened. But on this Sunday, I felt that if I was really healed, perhaps God would want me to sing. I asked Our Lord if He wanted me to sing a song (hymn), to have the choir do one of my favorites. Then I forgot about that thought and went on to Mass and did not sing along during Mass as usual. Then at the last song when I heard the organist play the introduction, I knew it was a song I really liked (although it was not one of the two favorites I had in mind when I asked Our Lord about singing.) But I knew I really liked the song, and I was led to sing it and was able to. What stood out to me was a line in the song that says, “You are Mine,” the same words the Lord had spoken to me twice in a message He gave me the Wednesday before while I was at Adoration. I knew that song was from Him and that I was to sing it. And guess what? I have been singing EVERY DAY since then. I have also been doing vocal warm-ups and exercises (which used to make it worse) in order to strengthen my vocal chords and am having no problems whatever. I believe I am completely healed, and because of the inactivity, I need to exercise to make my vocal chords stronger. It’s like muscles that need strengthened, but are healthy and able to be used. I can tell my voice is getting stronger every day, and I enjoy singing again. I also enjoy being able to talk without counting the words as I have had to do in the past. I know we all need to be moderate, but I really am becoming normal again after two years of trying to find a medical solution. I had taken steroids given by the physician at the Urgent Care Center, went to an ENT who sent me to a Speech Therapist. That didn’t help, so I went back to the ENT, who did surgery last March. I have done voice rest for weeks/months. None of that seemed to help except to allow me to function at 30% of normal. Now I am on my way to 100% normal again. I feel great! I praise God! He still does miracles today, if we will believe.
As for my feet, I started walking again for exercise, and I think I overdid it, so I am having to give that more time. I still believe my feet are healed, and I am rebuking all symptoms, and will be walking for exercise again soon, but this time in moderation to give myself a chance to build up the capacity to walk for exercise. Jim’s hands are looking better, and he felt he was healed and tried to do too much (like me), and had a little setback of sorts, but he is still believing God for his healing too. I don’t know about the others. My sense at the time was that we all received a healing.
I told you it was a long story. And a great one!
Charlotte Scott, President
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